Sample Psalm Hymns Books I & II

Psalm 4

(David’s lament for evening worship with strings)
Tune: DAY BY DAY and with Each Passing Moment
Blott en Dag, Os­kar Ahn­felt (1872)

Father, answer me when I am calling;
God, You vindicate my humble choice.
You have freed me from my sore affliction;
So be gracious, Lord, and hear my voice.
How long will my honor be insulted?
Nobel men, persisting in a lie.
Lusting for the worthless and distorted.
Why won’t they consider what is right?

Yes, the Lord has set apart the faithful,
For Himself, the Lord will hear my call.
Oh my soul, you tremble, but be careful;
Chill your anger, be direct and still.
On your bed, reflect on your condition;
Offer up your righteous sacrifice!
Trust the Lord, entrust to Him the outcome,
Trust the journey for He holds your life.

Many doubt and savor speculation:
“Who can show us any lasting good?”
Now, look on with favor, Lord, and save us,
Evidence of this residing joy.
My own heart knows deep resilient laughter,
Introduced by Your creative play.
This is joy much better than their feasting,
That their grain and harvest wines convey.

I will rest and I will dream reclining,
Peacefully, in sleep, I am restored;
For I know that You alone are faithful,
You’re without exception, Lord of Lords.
This sweet safety isn’t circumstantial,
For Your care is night and day supreme;
Making me, Your servant, live in safety,
You renew my life, increasing peace.


Psalm 8

(God’s Wisdom and Creativity Exalted)
“Praxis Pietatis Melica,” Lobe den Herren, Ander Theil des Erneuerten Gesangbuch 1668

Oh LORD, our Lord, how majestic is
Your name the world-wide!
You spread Your glory above velvet
Evenings in night skies.
Mouths of the babes and nursing children dispute
All accusations against You.

When I consider Your heavens, the works
Of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars You have placed in
Their settings to swing there,
What are our minds? What are our souls that You care?
Why should Your kindness dispense here?

You, the Designer, made humans the
Minor to angels,
Crowned us with glory and honor and
Thus made us able,
Made us to rule over the stages of earth;
Handed this world to beginners:

All flocks and herds, and all
Crawling things roaming the wild,
Birds in the sky and all
Fish schooling through ocean isles
Oh, Lord, our Lord, certainly Your name is blessed!
Excellence showers Your conquests.


Psalm 9

(David’s Celebration of God’s Justice)
Orig. “When This Bloody War is Over” Charles C. Con­verse (1868)

I will thank The Lord immortal,
My whole heart declares His praise!
All Your work is splendid, always!
I will boast Your famous name;
I will sing Your highest honor
For my enemies’ retreat;
They will trip and vanish quickly,
In Your presence, in Your heat.

Lord, You have upheld my standing,
Vindicated on Your throne
As a righteous judge rebuking
Nations for their wicked roles.
You erase their names forever
And eternal ruin comes.
How the enemy is broken;
And their cities in the sum!

See, the Lord established power
In His throne for evermore;
He established it for edicts
To the world, the rich and poor.
Executing proper judgments
With a Rightful Excellence;
Nations understand His fairness.
Standards of His elegance.

Yes, The Lord remains a refuge
For the pressed and heavy soul,
Those who know Your name and trust You,
Find You in their troubled world.
You do not desert the faithful,
Those who seek You, Ever-God.
Sing! This Lord, who dwells in Zion;
Shout the feats that He has done!

Righteous One Who keeps accounting
For the bloodshed of His own,
He remembers them and sorrows
For His persecuted ones.
Lord, be gracious to me also,
Lying low in deathly bands
Those who hate my righteous standing.
Lift me from their deathly hands.

Then, I shall declare Your praises;
I’ll rejoice within Your walls;
Your salvation is my portion,
Gates of Zion are my halls.
Nations fall toward their gravestones
They made broad and careful nets;
But their secrets snagged their footing
And they tripped into their pits.

See, the Lord reveals His Person!
With His executed plans,
Striking down the wicked trappers
By the work of their own hands!
Wicked souls return to Sheol
Rulers who dismiss our God.
Yet, You don’t forget the humble;
You remember and applaud.

The great hope of the afflicted
Shall not perish in the end.
Raise Yourself above the mortals,
Judge the evil by Your hand!
Let the nations feel Your terror,
Lord; oh, let their regimen
See that nations’ naked nobles
Are, in aspect, only men.


Psalm 15    

(A Psalm of David.
Those Who Do Not Slander and Gossip May Enter)
Tune: STILL, STILL, STILL (Christmas)
Orig. Folk Tune (authorship unknown) from Salzburg

Who— may adore  the Lord of Lords on high?
Who may enter into His Presence
On His holy hill of Defense?
Those— whose— feet lead on to blameless lives.

Do— what is right, speak truth to bring in light.
Never harm a neighbor in gossip,
And refuse to speak in slander.
Do— distain all those who bring demise.

Who— may— come to honor the King supreme?
Those who honor faithful mentors
Loving the Lord, in truth, will enter
Do—  not— curse your friends in high esteem.

Who— may— come to worship the King of Kings?
Those who lend, not charging interest,
And not bribed to slight the innocent.
These— will— stand forever and serene.

Psalm 22

(Messianic Psalm, Foreshadowing the Crucifixion)
Mar­tin Lut­her, (1529)

My God, my God, don’t fail me now!
Why vanish in my miserable grief?
My anguished cries are day and night,
Yet, You decline to save me!
The Holy One is crowned;
It’s You all people praise.
In You, ancestors hoped
And trusted You to save.
They cried and were not put to shame.

But I am scorned by all around.
A worm to mock and not a man,
Contemptibly I crawl the ground.
Their insults fling, they make their plan.
“He trusts in God,” they say,
“So let his Lord, YAHWEH
Deliver Him  today!”
Derision is their tool.
Oh, don’t forsake me, don’t be late.

You caught me from my mother’s womb;
I learned by faith to trust in You.
Now many bulls surround their prey;
And lions hotly here pursue.
They open wide their teeth.
I feel their tearing snare
I’m shattered like a pot
And water drains from fear.
Now all my bones are out of joint.

You lay me in the dust of death
My heart has melted, turned to wax,
My tongue clings dryly to the cleft;
Oh God, my God now don’t hold back!
A pack of villains flay;
Preserve me from their sword!
They pierce my hands and feet.
My bones are on display;
How people stare and how they gloat.

They gamble for my garments, Lord,
dividing all my clothes for bid.
But even now Lord, don’t be far
You are my strength; oh do come swift.
I shall declare Your name;
Now all who fear will praise!
With Jacob’s heirs adore
This God who did not scorn
And would not hide His suffering son.

For by this theme God’s praise is won
In great assemblies to be praised;
They know He shall fulfill His vows.
Accomplished, He will raise to save!
The poor will also eat,
And all the earth will turn
To see Him  conquer death
He rules with deep concern.
The Lord is near, and never late.

With this He rules the nations.
The wealthy of the earth will feast
They worship just as all who go
Down to the dust before their king. —
All those who cannot keep
Their lives or legacies.
Posterity will serve
The Lord for all the earth
Each generation will be told.

The kingdom is the Lord’s to keep.
A seed of truth shall serve him;
All shall be counted to the Lord
For generations to be born.
And they shall come to bless,
Declare His righteousness
To raise what was laid low
And everyone will know
That God alone has done this!


Psalm 23

Mueller, James R. Murray (1887)

The Lord is my shepherd;
He meets every need;
He makes me lie down in
Green meadows of peace;
He leads me beside the
Still waters for drink.
And there He restores my soul;
There, He gives strength.

My shepherd leads over
The paths we must take
In love and in righteousness
For His name’s sake.
Although we pass through
Vales of shadowy death,
I fear, there, no evil
No perishing breath.

For You are beside me;
Your rod and Your staff
Bring comfort to guide me
To rest and to laugh.
You spread me a feast
In the presence of foes;
Your oil anoints me,
My cup overflows.

My cup spills with plenty,
Restoring my soul.
And mercies will follow me;
Goodness will grow.
Through all of the days of my life
I will dwell
Forever, oh Lord, in
Your home to live well.