Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator

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A reader coined this title,  “The Creator’s Manifesto.”

When you need to find the place of belonging as a creative, look no further than the heart of God. He’s the One Who formed you to be creative in talent, and adventurous in the wild unknown. 

Welcome to the Shivoo! This party belongs to Someone bigger than you. Because you are created in God’s image, and given specific creative gifts and a life of purpose, you are very special to Him.

This Lord has a few guidelines to make you the best that you can be, to give you your truest voice, and attain the proper outreach and effectiveness for your good.  Want to learn more?

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1 review for Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator

  1. yourprotagonist

    Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

    Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator by Laura Bartnick is one of the best things I have read about creativity. In fact, it can be read as the spirituality of the creative person, a book that brilliantly showcases God’s centrality in the creative process, demonstrating how we dance to the mystical tunes of the Creator, imitating Him in one of the aspects of our being — co-creators. This is a book that will help any struggling creative person understand the life that flows through their creative process and find their purpose. Filled with powerful insights and spiritual lessons, this book is designed to help readers — creative persons — reconnect with their craft and with themselves, and ultimately with the source of all inspiration.

    Written in a friendly, warm tone, Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator makes the reader feel a deep sense of belonging. The book offers a path towards fulfillment and purpose, featuring many biblical references that will help readers develop a strong awareness of the sacredness of their creative endeavors. Here is a book that unveils the startling intersection between art and spirituality, a book about life, about work and dignity, and about God working in us. Laura Bartnick knows how to speak to the reader’s heart, using words that inspire and empower, and bringing readers to her point of view with compelling arguments. I enjoyed the anecdotes and how the author weaves her personal experiences into the story. If you are a creative, this book is for you. It will help you redefine why you ache to do what you are passionate about, and it will offer tools to make your work a success. It’s a must-read.

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