The Melody of the Mulberries, Book 2


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Book Two in the Big Creek Appalachian Series, The Melody of the Mulberries, takes the Ashby siblings into new and uncharted territory of facing their family nemesis, Charlie, who stews in prison for his crimes against them.

Younger sibling, Coral, is now sixteen years old, and she has a distinct feeling that she is to bring a message from God to Charlie.

Her sister-in-law, Lottie, accompanies her, leaving Ernest to fend for the students in their country school by himself.  While she is gone, Ernest must decide where his love interest lie, and what course of love and integrity he should take regarding two very different women.

Tonya Jewel Blessing is not an author who shies from difficult subjects such as multi-racial relationships, assault, rape, murder, and spiritualism. Her books ask the reader on a journey to discover where the forgiveness and redemption of Jesus intersects with real life.

Along the way, Tonya’s sweet and unassuming voice weaves stories within the story, many which bring about hilarity  surpizing resolutions. BUY IT or give it away today!


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