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2. Two Mystery Boxes sent in your personalized name.This is an $80 Gift Value in itself!  Right now, on your to-do list, do you have someone:

  • To Congratulate?
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  • Or, do you want a little special treatment for yourself?

3. You’ll Get Insider First Updates and information about our authors writing, special gifts, book trailers and new products.  You can use these to bring new traffic to something you are writing, or just for personal interest.  We want to make this Golden Writer Insider Subscription Service as valuable as possible to you!

4. Become an integral part of our grassroots launch teams for new authors. We’ll show you some ideas, and you can use your own network savvy to build momentum.

5. Use your own voice to send us critiques, your own updates to promote, and to upload reviews on new Golden Author books, while at the same time gaining a little publicity advantage for yourself.

Don’t Miss Out on this Golden”net to catch you” when you *oops!* forgot to send a gift, or when you need a pick-me-up, or when you just want to get the “inside story” on the Capture Books Authors.




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