Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul

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A fabulous discussion starter! You can’t live without water, at least not for long!  We would die without a few sips of good water each day, wouldn’t we? 

This Readers’ Favorite, a sweet collection of responses to life’s daily challenges, is full of humor and love. Find a spot for edgy conversations and gracious choices here in these pages.

Use it for group ice-breakers and discussion starters and for bonding among diverse women.  Use also for mentoring and Bible studies. 

Texts are written by an international speaker and author.  Questions are posed by a special librarian and mentor of women, some who have come out of the sex trade.

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1 review for Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul

  1. yourprotagonist

    Reviewed by Sarah Scheele for Readers’ Favorite

    Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a fantastic devotional for women. It’s divided into 52 short themed chapters and is intended to be read in women’s study groups, but I found it was also a great resource when read individually. Topics include humility, spiritual gifts, tolerance, wisdom in dealing with others’ sin, and more. Packed with insightful commentary, little nuggets to chew on, amusing anecdotes, and clever plays on words and exploration of phrases, the down-to-earth writing approaches readers in a friendly, transparent way that breaks down barriers of skepticism and opens the door to accepting God’s radical work in their lives.

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