Psalm Hymns, Books Three & Four


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Psalms 73-106.

Struggling for a grip on life and all its complexity? Sing the Biblical Psalms to understand your personal and communal blessings in the struggle. This tour guide to the Biblical, Davidic Psalms, Books 3 & 4 will bring you insight and comfort.

The Psalms are an ancient approach to the education of Who God Is. Perhaps you’ve heard of God all of your life, but never sought out the historic testimonies of His character and abilities. Does this spiritual path inspire you?

These psalms are easy enough for children to learn about the miracles and wonders of God in history. They will inspire faith.

The Psalms were authorized by the Hebrews and the early Church for worshiping the Almighty; specifically, these Psalms 73-106, contain testimonies and transcending praise from people in survival mode whom God met in miraculous ways. These strategies are right here at your fingertips also.

The wisdom of God’s law lives in the human soul providing inspiration for culture and community. 

God’s law informs nature, architecture, medicine and science. It creates lament, repentance, awe and comfort. It also infuses goodness into one’s choices and activities. 

God’s wisdom is like a mirror reflecting His personality, His desires, His power in combat for the soul. Ancient prayers of witnesses, reciting the Lord’s acts of loving kindness and odd silences, help us now sing praise to the God of our Faith within the reflection of this mirror. In desperate times, we need a rescuer. Here are parts three and four in the quintessential handy, how-to guide to survival and saving faith. 

THINKING OF VISITING THE HOLY LAND? TAKE THESE PSALMS along your tour for engaging the understanding of historic times and for your own spiritual growth.

Use the Psalm Hymns in prayer walking or tutoring yourselves in the human responses to God in biblical history.

Dramatic poetry, uncensored human pleas during triumph and tragedy, reflect the Hebrew and early Church worship as prescribed, authorized, set to singable hymn melodies.

Use for an education of historical context or modern theater, liturgy or Sunday school, praise & worship or introductions to Biblical messages. Also use for campfires, retreats, brain teasers for memorization, and historical, religious story-telling. Singing these Psalms is guaranteed to change your life!

Spiritual exercise is like hand-to-hand combat with hostile enemies in other paradigms, past, present, and future. Open your eyes to these kingdoms and the real struggles in principalities.

Your spiritual understanding could be your saving grace. In any event, you will never be the same!

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