Keeping Up With God – A Memoir by Connie Z


Have you ever wondered why God made you and what He intends to do with your life?  Connie Z finally asked God exactly that question, and boy! Did God begin to set her on a fast course to making differences that only He could orchestrate through her life.  She just had to be willing.

This is the memoir of Connie Z’s preparation and ministry in raising up and leading the Colorado Homeless organization known as RB Ranch, now Beyond Home, in Colorado.

This is the memoir of how God gave the organization favor with Federal lending agencies, City governments, and many businessmen and women so that Connie could be the point person to rescue many families, especially women and children from the streets.

RB Ranch began during the HUD crises of 1986 and continued growing, and reaching new refugees, families, and abandoned women and children so that they could gain an education and become gainfully employed.

This is a heart-swinging action read from beginning to end. Could you keep up with God? Are you willing to commit your own life to Him to see what He would do with your one precious life?  He will take you at your word, as Connie’s memoir shows the world.


SOON TO BE RELEASED! – Meanwhile, watch the YouTube videos!

Keeping Up with God-A Memoir of Colorado Homeless Families


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