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In an alternative 16th century setting of Berkshire Forests of England, Wren finds herself rattling around in the castle abandoned by the mysterious disappearance of her mother and left alone just when a girl needs her mother most. King Belodawn, blames his daughter for the loss of his queen.  Consequently, he spends as little time as is required at the castle.


Befriended by the cook’s son, the princess engages in new disciplines of developing muscle and swinging swords. However, the deception of a gender mask is also required to win her freedom. Now, at age 18, bolder and stronger, Wren has acquired skills which finally allow her to maneuver into her best-laid getaway plan.


When she dares to venture out of the castle, the princess rides her stallion into another man’s kingdom. The sword-fighting princess finds herself engaged in a contest that will brings her to her knees. Her deceptions lead to an ultimatum, one that could involve a life of bondage, or death and destruction of those who have befriended her. Wren knows she must win her freedom one way or another.



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2 reviews for Indebted –

  1. yourprotagonist

    Reviewed by Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

    Describing a time of dragons, witches, and sword fighting, Indebted takes you to a place where a young princess blames herself for her mother’s disappearance. The style and theme of Charmayne Hafen’s writing is comparable to works from authors such as Suzanne Collins, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. Indebted is centered on a strong female character, Princess Wren, whose loneliness sends her on an adventure that changes her life forever. Without a mother to guide her and with a father that abandoned her, Wren unknowingly seeks companionship and acceptance from others. When faced with imprisonment or death by dragon, Princess Wren finds she has another Father on whom she can always rely. She is tied to a vow from which only death can release her and wonders how she could ever have a normal life.

    I found Indebted a piece of art, lovingly penned by an author that took great care in developing her characters. Charmayne Hafen enchanted me with a little princess who seemingly has everything, but possesses so little. The similarities between Princess Wren and Princess Lorenda’s upbringing made me think their ending would be the same but twisted when Wren faced the dragon for the last time. The lesson Wren learned about trusting others is a task not easily learned. Charmayne Hafen shows that unconditional love taught Wren that she could accept others, but more importantly herself. Through this newfound knowledge, she was also able to forgive and embrace family values which had always been denied her. This is an excellent novel, not only for enjoyment but also for the moral ethics outlined through this character.

  2. yourprotagonist

    A clear-cut prose in the timeline of the princess suits this character-driven tale as Wren struggles with the memories of her cynical mother and her estranged father. The plot has a good twist, and the sketches serve wonderfully as illustrations for Indebted. At its heart, Indebted is about parental issues, love, confidence, inner strength, friendship, greed, forgiveness, and-to a great extent-faith. – Lit Amri (Readers’ Favorite)

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