Mythic Stories

Readers' Favorite Novel ISBN-13: 978-0997162547
This is Capture Books’ best-selling American-gothic novel by a Golden Writer.A sequel is coming soon!
Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Emie Ashby has been raised by an angry and repressed father since the end of WWI. Her mother cannot take the risk of defending her children. Instead, she turns a blind eye. In this way, she becomes part and parcel of the abuse of her daughters. Emie enters into trouble times as Aunt Grace provides a way to possibly survive it. How does Emie navigate the road that lies before her with so many threats nipping at her heels?


ISBN 13: 9780999635339
NEW!  2018!  Wren felt like a lost bird rattling around a huge castle where her mother has disappeared and now even her father, King Belodawn, blames her for the mysterious disappearance of his wife. But, things are about to change because the princess has matured. With the aid of the cook and the cook’s son, Wren discovers an unknown dexterity with a sword and honing it, she believes new paths will open to her.
Little does the 18-year-old woman know that a step to the right or to the left will plunge her into a life of horror.


ePub Mister_B_final 2 Awards