A Breath of Joy!

IN THE DEEP MID-WINTER… This final book in the series, Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during times of rest. Insightful photo art and prose complement the other. Three celebrations every day rise above the hubbub of commercialism and target the heart of humanity. Wintertime includes Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and Tax Day.  Souls steal bases over the bleak and bumpy landscape. The big book layout of WINTER WHISPERS provides page after page of footholds extravagant enough to comfort the bereft and sweet enough to bolster the simple.

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Breath a Breath of Joy! In season and out, this is a gift that keeps giving.

In honor of American farmers and gardeners, here is a book where springtime sings from the images with prose. SINGING SPRING presents a portrait of springtime that trills with reverberating art. Here are the everyday slice-of-life scenes your heart will melt into. The heart of one who listens to you reading them will follow. We occasionally need a fresh image of what nurtures us, sometimes a fresh sketch of those who nurture us every day, even inside the halls of day-to-day vocations, and Singing Spring is just such an alternative therapy.
Breath of Joy postcard front
Hold Onto Your Sunhat! Dive into the Joy of Summer with this Classy Novelty. Now a Five-Star Readers’ Favorite. SIMPLY SUMMER IS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE. This 40-page souvenir evokes the best in waterside hospitality and the celebrations of summertime at home. Turn the key to experience the smells and sounds of summer. Splash into a BREATH OF JOY! If someone you love likes humans of New York, or the poetry of Maya Angelou’s phrases, or the hope in Bridgette Jones’ diary, or the life in Persepolis, pick up your Breath of Joy!, and browse to happiness. This is a beautiful gift book to sail away with.
front cover ah autumn
The smell of autumn leaves, burning logs in the hearth and home fires, harvesting pomegranates, the buzz of freshly baked apple pies and pumpkin custard, discovering the intersections of loved ones missing and new laughter, the poetry of heart-stopping storytelling in the musty damp twigs, and the journey home. These are the memories and yearnings evoked through Kathy Joy’s Readers’ Favorite five-star awarded Breath of Joy: Ah, Autumn picture book!

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