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Quiet Influence

By Tonya Jewel Blessing from the Bible study, Soothing Rain

I’ve been wearing the same perfume for over 30 years.

Every once in a while, I briefly try something new, but so far I’ve always reverted back to the familiar. The scent seems to fit me. It leaves its mark, but yet isn’t overpowering. It’s a soft blend of earthly tones that I think compliments me.

Influence is like a fragrance. It lingers. The scent is a reminder of something spoken or shared.

I’m not an “I am woman, hear me roar…” kind of gal. I prefer to live my life with grace and beauty – gently walking and touching the lives of others with more of a purr than a roar.

The Bible encourages women in 1 Peter 3:4 to cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. In living for Christ, I want to leave my mark, footprints that show me walking beside someone else in his or her journey. I don’t want to go a single day without influencing someone for Jesus.

I pray this prayer, “I will follow You with a pure heart. Show me the people you want me to impact with biblical principles, a listening ear, and  encouragement for the journey of life.”

Every woman’s fragrance is different – even if the perfume is the same, once mixed with an individual’s body chemistry the scent changes.

Some fragrances are subtle, others a little more pronounced. The same is true of the inner beauty referred to in 1 Peter 3:4. Gentleness and graciousness look different on different women.

May our fragrance linger and be a reminder of God’s amazing love and grace – as a “quiet influence”.

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10 thoughts on “Quiet Influence”

  1. Well said, Tonya! I am blessed to be married to a beautiful, Godly woman like the one you described. Every Christian woman should read your post, just as a reminder of what a Godly woman is. You have also reminded me that I need to be the kind of husband who encourages and enables my wife to be that woman. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Tonya, yesterday, in a moment of distress, my fragrance turned to poo! Your ever-gentleness is always a wooing reminder that the pit bull in me can and should be sat down and controlled. We may be different in personality, but I pray that we each carry the fragrance of Christ consistently.

  3. I love the thought that who God made me to be is a fragrance that has influence. Powerful. Thank you.

  4. This is really encouraging! Thanks, Tonya, for reminding us that we leave kindness and influence in our wake — like a pleasant fragrance.

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